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The Who, The What and The Why

At Apini Recruit we approach recruiting for Senior Finance positions differently.  We believe that the best recruitment partner for these positions is someone who has worked in those same positions and knows what the role really requires.  We believe that hiring clients should have the best possible guidance when it comes to hiring a CFO, FD, Head of Finance or Financial Controller, guidance that only an experienced CFO can give.

Our approach is simple.  We will get to know you, your business and your finance department and really understand what you require.  We will give you expert advice on the key skills necessary, how the role and team may be best structured and what else to look for when choosing a candidate, over and above the generic ‘traditional’ recruitment advice.  We will listen to your needs and together, come up with a role specification, package, candidate criteria and interview process.

Then, we will source a short list of candidates that truly meet your needs, provide personality screening if required, and discuss those candidates with you.  After an interview process that meets your needs, while being considerate of the needs of the candidates, we will help get the hire across the line. 

And once your new recruit has come on board, we will stay in touch to ensure they are meeting your needs, and, using our years of knowledge and experience as senior finance professionals, can offer you and your new team member support and advice should you need it.

At every step of the way, we commit to providing you honest, impartial advice and feedback and will put you and your business’ needs front and centre.  We strive to make the process as smooth as possible.  All we ask in return is:

  • You are open and honest about the role and the business with us and the candidates.

  • You treat the candidates as we do (see our candidate section below).

  • You keep us informed of any changes or delays that affect the process.

  • You commit to providing feedback on all candidates you see so that we can pass it on and help them with their on going search.

Email or call 07441 341877 today to arrange a free discovery call and see how we can help you with your next hire.


Apini Notice Cover

Our unique skill set and background means we can offer you something that no other recruiter can (as far as we are aware at least).  If you are hiring a replacement CFO, Head of Finance, FD, FC or similar role, there could be a gap between an incumbent leaving, and their replacement starting.  As CFOs, we can provide interim cover to ensure a proper handover takes place and essential duties are carried our during that gap. 

If you are making your first senior Finance hire we can provide fractional cover while you await your new team member to work a notice period, and again provide a handover so that they can hit the ground running.

Cover packages can be agreed to meet the needs of the situation.


Our Promise to Candidates

Having been a candidate myself, I know first hand how difficult, frustrating and often demoralising a job search can be.  As an experienced CFO, I also know how frustrating it can sometimes be to discuss things with a recruiter who has little knowledge of what you actually do, what you can offer and what is really important in your role.  At Apini Recruit, we promise to:

  • Treat every candidate we speak to as a human, not a commodity or a number.

  • Offer impartial advice and tips on your job hunt where we can.

  • Keep shortlisted candidates informed on the process, timing and reasons for any delays or changes (we insist that clients keep us up to date).

  • While we can’t respond personally to every application, we will follow up any contact we make to you (e.g. we won’t ask for a CV, additional information or discuss a role and then ghost you).

  • Provide feedback to all unsuccessful candidates who have been shortlisted or interviewed (we insist that clients provide this).

  • Rely on human judgement above computer algorithms or AI.

  • Always be open and honest with candidates about roles, requirements, salaries and any other factors that are important to them, the role and the client.

  • Only work with clients that we understand and share our values and levels of integrity.

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