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Part-Time CFO

Our part-time CFO service gives you flexibility in how much input you need from a CFO.  We will work with you to identify what support your business would benefit from, and you can then choose the level of support.  We work work on a fixed fee basis that can be scaled up or down as you grow and develop.

Financial Modelling

Every business, big or small, growing or mature, should have a financial model.  Whether you are planning a funding exercise, a transaction, growth or just trucking along steadily, knowing what your cash, profitability and other key business metrics are likely to look like over the coming months and years is essential.  We are experts in modelling for all sizes of buisnesses and can produce a model as simple or complex as your needs require.

FFaaS (Finance Function as a Service)

Apini can provide an outsourced finance function for your business when hiring full-time roles isn;t yet justified.  By dovetailing this alongside an element of CFO support you can get the benefit of a flexible offering that is also joined up, with the CFO and team working as closely together as if they were in house.  Plus you get a fixed cost to aid with budgetting and without all the headaches of having employees.

Project based CFO support

Do you have a specific project that needs the experience of a CFO?  Maybe you have a Finance manager or Controller who needs help with a particular task, or you need to prepare for a funding or a transaction?  We can provide you with the expertise you need to complete that, with follow up support if necessary.

CEO/Founder Support

Sometimes you just need someone with financial experience on the end of the phone or email for a chat, to run ideas or issues past, who you can trust to give honest and constructive feedback and advice or support.  If so, we are here to help.  Talk to us about what you are looking for and we are always happy to see where we can support, or put you in touch with our network of business providers.


Finance Recruitment (Apini Recruit)

Recruiting for your finance team, or even for a full-time or in house CFO?  There is nobody better placed to help than someone who has sat on both sides of the recruitment process who knows what a CFO can offer, and what you need from one.  Apini can provide recruitment services that are truely tailored to you and at a cost that is less than most traditional recruiters.  For more information see our Apini Recruit page.  Contact us today to discuss how we can help.

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